Why Control Nirou Hooshmand Company
Control Niroo Hooshmand Company (Private Joint Stock) provided all power, control, instrumentation and telecommunications services with the aim of solving problems of executive projects and using experienced and motivated engineers, and then it has been successful in implementing electrical engineering, control, instrumentation and telecommunication services and has successfully finished all referred projects.
One of the main problems of executive projects is the lack of coordination between project sectors (electricity, control, etc.) that has seriously affected multiple projects. Control Nirou Hooshmand Company provides all power, control, instrumentation and telecommunications services coherently and in package with the aim of resolving these problems and using specialists in each sector; it implements all stages of design, manufacture, installation and start- up through management and integrated monitoring and with the least possible time. As a result, project start to finish time is minimized. It is hoped that these efforts resolve listed problems
Control Nirou Hooshmand Company (Private Joint Stock) started its activities in 2001. The company provides consulting services, design, installation, re-commissioning and commissioning, training, maintenance of projects related to industries, utilities, oil, gas and petrochemical relying on world most advanced technology in the field of electric power, industrial automation, instrumentation, electronics, telemetry and intelligent building management systems (BMS).