Management Policies
Control Nirou Hooshmand Company was established in order to optimize the implementation of projects and offers its policy as follows.
  1. Increase client satisfaction (employers) through implementation of projects with reasonable quality and price and timely delivery.
  2. Use efficient and expert human resources as the main assets of company and pay attention to human resources and create growth contexts.
  3. The implementation of industrial projects in the fields of power, control, instrumentation, communications and mechanical installations.
  4. Commitment to comply with legal requirements and effort to implement international standards.
  5. Research, design, engineering, fabrication and installation of generation equipment, transmission, distribution of power systems, controls, instrumentation and communication within international standards framework.
  6. Developing company activities through increasing market share and creating new markets and efforts to develop needed projects cycle.
  7. Increase workplace safety and health and machinery through controlling hazardous activities and monitor personnel performance in order to reduce accidents.
  8. Use dynamic organization with strategic and client- oriented thinking.
  9. Develop and improve organization processes in order to maintain and improve the environment and prevent environmental pollution.
It is hoped that company take steps toward improving client an personnel satisfaction and succeeds in its projects.